We envision a vibrant ecosystem of Latina-owned cooperatives transforming communities and local economies and building prosperity for the benefit of all.


Now more than ever, it is imperative to create safe spaces where women can come together, innovate and create enterprises that increase resilience to benefit all of our families and communities, regardless of immigration status.

Prospera advances Latina economic empowerment through leadership development, entrepreneurship and cooperative business ownership. We believe that when women are at the forefront of our local economies, entire communities thrive.

Who we are

Prospera is the only nonprofit in the U.S. that focuses solely on advancing Latina economic empowerment through cooperative business ownership.

What compels us

We believe that when women access their economic power, entire communities thrive. We envision a vibrant ecosystem of Latina-owned businesses working together to transform local economies and build prosperity for the benefit of all.

Our mission

Prospera partners with Latina entrepreneurs to launch social enterprises that foster cooperation, economic independence, and well-being in immigrant communities.

Our comprehensive, culturally specific programs address the unique challenges and the immense resourcefulness that Latina immigrants bring. Through our programs, Latina entrepreneurs come together in a safe space to take risks and access the tools and the capital they need to achieve economic independence and well-being.

Our core values

Honoring and cultivating leadership. We cultivate leadership at all levels, using a strengths-based approach to tap the depth and richness of cultural and community knowledge. 

Nurturing healthy, vibrant communities. We invest in the quality of life and long-term sustainability of our local and global community.

Leveraging partnerships. We create and nurture deep partnerships, striving to create synergy and greater impact through collaboration with mission-aligned organizations that complement our strengths.

Living cooperative principles. We practice democracy, encourage participation, and foster cooperativism at our organization and with our community partners.

Innovation and entrepreneurship. We think expansively and look for unlikely solutions to common challenges. We encourage resourcefulness and creativity at all levels of our work.

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