Co-op Member Stories


Lupita and her husband arrived in the US as newlyweds with the hope of a better life and dreams of building a home for their young family. Lupita began working at an orange packing facility, but the earnings were not stable and she wasn’t able to support her family. They were struggling and she was desperate to find an alternative that met their needs. Lupita found WAGES, and together with a group of eight dedicated immigrant Latinas, developed and launched Eco-Care Professional Housecleaning in 2001. READ MORE >>


“For me, it’s about empowerment,” explains Bertha Naranjo, full-time mother of four and full-tine worker-owner and co-founder of Eco-Care Professional Housecleaning, the cooperative Bertha developed with eight other women in Morgan Hill in 2001 with WAGES’ help. When WAGES last spoke with Bertha, she described the feelings of pride, dignity, and security that have accompanied her involvement in the co-op and with WAGES over the last 10 years.  READ MORE >>


Gloria, a member of Emma’s Eco-Clean, is a single mom coping with a thyroid disorder. She knows about the advantages of good health care better than anyone. Of all the benefits that her cooperative provides, health care is the most important to her. “Thanks to my monthly check-ups and my green job,” she said, “I feel healthy and I’m able to work hard every day to provide for my daughter Stephanie. READ MORE >>