María Rogers Pascual, MA, CPC

Executive Director
Maria Rogers Pascual joined Prospera in June 2013 as a Consultant and Leadership Coach. In January 2015 she joined the organization as staff to support the development of Prospera’s new programs. Maria brings over 20 years of experience in jump starting and running new organizations, leadership development, and income generating programs in the US and Latin America. She has worked with a wide range of organizations -- from community-based groups and social businesses to international organizations and private foundations. Maria is passionate about improving the lives of immigrant communities in the U.S. Prior to her work with Prospera she supported strategic planning and member development at TeamWorks Cooperatives in San Jose. From 2003-08 she was the Executive Director of Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action (PILA), where she oversaw civic engagement programs for community based organizations in the Bay Area. She is one of the founders of Mobilize the Immigrant Vote California Collaborative (MIV); and served on the first board of directors for Mujeres Unidas y Activas.

Maria grew up in Mexico and the U.S. and is bicultural and multilingual. She received her B.A. in Business & French from The University of Texas and her M.A. in Intercultural Communication Studies from San Francisco State University. She is also a Certified Professional Coach and a coach trainer.