June 19, 2018

Cero Tolerancia a la Separación de Familias!

Claudia Arroyo, Directora Educación Comunitaria de Prospera
Apreciadas/os amigas/os y colaboradoras/es, Con profunda tristeza e indignación, escribimos en Prospera esta nota para denunciar la Política de Cero Tolerancia implementada por el gobierno de este país . Esta disposición es un nuevo ataque a nuestra comunidad...Continue reading »
June 19, 2018

Zero Tolerance to the separation of families!

Claudia Arroyo, Community Education Director, Prospera
Dear Prospera supporters, partners, and friends, It is with deep sadness and indignation that we write to you from Prospera to denounce the Zero Tolerance policy that is being implemented by the US government. This new attack to our immigrant community means...Continue reading »
June 7, 2018

Help us launch "The Power of a Dream"!

Maite Gasco
Our Dream Gabriela Arvizu has many stories to show! Prospera’s Latina entrepreneurs have many stories to tell! “The Power of a Dream” is an audiovisual project — led by Gabriela Arvizu, Prospera collaborator, entrepreneur, freelance and audiovisual artist —...Continue reading »
May 9, 2018

Interview with Maye Castillo, Prospera’s fellow.

Maite Gascó
Tell us about yourself. My name is Maye. I am originally from Chile, but I have lived in Oakland for nearly half of my life. I have a business as a personal trainer and I am also working towards a business administration degree with a focus on social justice...Continue reading »
May 9, 2018

Happy 1st Anniversary to Professional Eco Cleaning!

Claudia Arrroyo
We congratulate Anahi & Itzel for the 1st anniversary of Professional Eco Cleaning (PEC), a green cleaning cooperative that is based in the East Bay. PEC has a long story with Prospera, since one of the founders, Anahi is a former Prospera Fellow with 7...Continue reading »