June 14, 2016

4 Consejos Esenciales Para Ser Socia De Cooperativa

Anahi Rojas
Anahi and Daniela son emprendedoras con años de experiencia como socias de cooperativas, y recientemente fueron presentadoras para nuestras Charlas. El motivo principal de este evento es crear una oportunidad para que las mujeres Latinas emprendedoras que...Continue reading »
April 20, 2016

Our Spring program is in full bloom!

Ada Recinos
The entrepreneurs in our program have been hard at work! They are meeting biweekly, receiving ongoing technical assistance from our Business Development Director Karla C. Reyes, MBA and expert support from guest presenters. Our program participants have been...Continue reading »
March 7, 2016

It takes a village: help us crowdfund for childcare!

Ada Recinos
Imagine having to choose between following your dreams or postponing them once again because you can’t afford to pay a sitter for your children. Prospera does not think this is a choice low-income Latina moms should have to make. You can help provide Latina...Continue reading »