October 31, 2014

Meet Prospera: A new way of doing business

Do you believe that our economy is ready for an extraordinary change? Prospera does too, and we believe we can start by building businesses that empower workers and foster personal and professional growth. We are doing this by developing a Paleta Co-op , our...Continue reading »
October 23, 2014

Meet Prospera: Get to know Latina entrepreneurs

An incredible group of 11 Latinas are participating in our “Learning Investment”—an innovative, first-of-its-kind training program that will cover topics like co-op principles, effective communication, food prep skills, and more. This Learning Investment is...Continue reading »
October 15, 2014

Meet Prospera!

Once WAGES, now Prospera After nearly two decades of developing worker-owned co-ops, WAGES (Women’s Action to Gain Economics Security) is changing its name to reflect its deepened impact. We are now proud to introduce ourselves as Prospera! Our new name...Continue reading »
October 8, 2014

A Recap: The Co-op Readiness Institute

Last week, practitioners, worker-owners, and co-op experts came together to spend an intensive two days on one subject: how to prepare to develop a worker co-op. This event, the Co-op Readiness Institute, was hosted by WAGES and took place right here in...Continue reading »
September 26, 2014

Share what inspires you!

Prospera is launching our first six-week Learning Investment program for Latina entrepreneurs in the Bay Area and we need your help! We will be working with about a dozen women, engaging in topics such as co-op principles, effective communication, and food...Continue reading »