Prospera Services


Prospera partners with community minded Latina entrepreneurs, providing the training, tools, and resources they need to launch and grow successful cooperative businesses. In the twenty one years since the organization’s founding, Prospera has incubated five successful cooperative businesses that benefit low-income Latinas. From the latest data collected in 2014, the five co-ops sustained nearly 100 high quality jobs and provided eco-friendly house cleaning to more than 2,000 customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area annually, generating over $3 million in sales each year. The co-op owners—all Latina immigrant women—have tripled their incomes on average, and hold $9,000 in business equity.

Prospera is now poised to offer its culturally competent cooperative development curricula to Latina entrepreneurs, cooperatives, and their organizational partners across the country.

For additional information please contact:

Karla C. Reyes, MBA

Associate Director

(510) 695-2268