July 17, 2014

WAGES appears in Yes! Magazine


We are honored and excited to have been featured in the press on two separate occasions in recent weeks!

YES! Magazine’s recent article, “These Women-Run Co-ops Push Back Against the ‘Feminization of Poverty,’” by Sarah McKinley and Violeta Duncan, explains the “disproportionate representation of women in low-wage work” as context to support the growing field of women-owned worker cooperatives. The authors praise Seattle’s newly increased minimum wage as a significant move to address living-wage concerns, but also identify that women are consistently underrepresented in higher earning jobs.

The article highlights WAGES, along with a few of our peer organizations, and the impact that our co-ops have had. They say, “These worker-owners have a voice and vote in key business decisions, and share an equal distribution of business profits, creating improved financial security for these women and their families.” Creating an economy where “low-wage” workers no longer exist is not a simple task, but that is our goal. As worker co-ops continue to gain popularity and more legislation like the recent ordinance in Seattle comes to the surface, we will begin to see big changes in our economy. We greatly appreciate the effort of Yes! Magazine to support the worker co-op movement and to make our work with low-income women communities known to its audiences.

The second piece was this article, by Nina Ignaczak, published by Shareable.net on July 16th. Ignaczak discusses the growing worker cooperative movement in the US, a topic that has been echoed in a lot of co-op news sources within the last year. WAGES is discussed as an example of an organization working to develop co-ops. The article also talks about other organizations with strong missions to solve some of the challenges in our communities that are due to economic struggles.

Congratulations to the Arizmendi AssociationUSFWC, the National Domestic Workers AllianceCooperative Home Care AssociatesThe Center for Family Life, the SELC, and Cooperation Texas for having their meaningful work featured as well. We are proud to be recognized among these impactful organizations.

YES! Magazine featured WAGES in its article, “These Women-Run Co-ops Push Back Against the ‘Feminization of Poverty'"