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Nancy Rosales

Board Member, Board Member since 2019

Nancy Rosales is a Bay Area native and a first generation Mexican American whose parents migrated to Watsonville to pick strawberries through the Bracero program. Pepitos Paletas began in 2007 as an ice cream company. The business later transitioned to paletas when Nancy realized that there wasn’t a choice for organic and authentic paletas in the area. She is a vibrant and determined entrepreneur with so much creativity that shines through her product. Nancy aspires to involve many more Latina women in her project to expand the model and be present with paletas in all the corners of the Bay Area. She values authentic traditions and makes sure that every paleta flavor is connected to her Mexican roots. The paletas are all abuelita (grandma) approved! She is Prospera’s fellow and participant. She is involved at Prospera’s board since 2019.

I’m Nancy Rosales, originally from Watsonville California and now a San Francisco resident.
As a first-generation Latina, I carry my parents’ struggle and journey. I am motivated and inspired to make sure their struggle does not get overlooked.
My actions and my contributions are needed to make sure opportunities are presented and to help move this economy forward.
What we do at Prospera is provide a guide to a solution to many problems. Balancing out the economy is necessary, and so is giving immigrant women the resources needed to take ideas into business that will create more jobs and opportunities.
Just the power of Prospera’s group bonding, motivating and guiding women to save their vision, is enough to save someone from descending into depression, or from falling short on what is possible. It is groups like Prospera that save the emotional self-battles over starting or not starting a business. Before Prospera, I wanted to quit many times, but with Prospera’s support, not doing things alone made the difference. We can take a business much farther, and it can be a more enjoyable experience with Prospera.
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