Prospera’s approach goes beyond job creation. What makes Prospera’s impact unique is that we focus on worker-ownership, which transforms lives by building wealth and leadership. The worker-owners of Prospera co-ops increase their incomes, build assets, have a voice in their working conditions, and become financially savvy business owners.  The following are a few data points from our 2013 Year in Review that highlight these successes:

  • Worker-owners triple their individual incomes after joining a Prospera co-op, on average
  • Worker-owners build assets – their initial investments are multiplied 22 times
  • Almost half of all the women co-owners hold formal leadership positions within their co-op

These numerical outcomes only scratch the surface of the true impact of Prospera’s approach. The personal and professional growth in the women we work with fuels social transformation. The collective ownership structure fosters remarkable leadership development, empowering the worker-owners to spur local economies. Our worker-owned co-ops create waves of empowerment that begin with groups of entrepreneurs and move to transform entire communities.

For more information see our Co-op Member Stories and our 2013 Year in Review.