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Prospera partners with Latina immigrant women to build their economic power through leadership development and cooperative entrepreneurship.

In today’s anti-immigrant climate, where the separation of immigrant families is becoming a norm, it is imperative, now more than ever to create safe spaces where women can come together, innovate and create enterprises that increase resilience for the benefit all of our families and communities, regardless of status.

Together we will re-imagine what’s possible when women are at the forefront of creating a new economy based on cooperation, dignity, and respect for all.

That’s why Prospera's 2018 Second Summit for Latina Entrepreneurs will create a space for over 100 Latina entrepreneurs to share their stories of migration, cooperation, and leadership. We will offer a series of workshops and networking opportunities to promote financial literacy, innovation, and collaboration.

We believe that when women have ownership of our economies, entire communities thrive.

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June 19, 2018

Cero Tolerancia a la Separación de Familias!

Claudia Arroyo, Directora Educación Comunitaria de Prospera
Apreciadas/os amigas/os y colaboradoras/es, Con profunda tristeza e indignación, escribimos en Prospera...
June 19, 2018

Zero Tolerance to the separation of families!

Claudia Arroyo, Community Education Director, Prospera
Dear Prospera supporters, partners, and friends, It is with deep sadness and indignation that we write to...