Once WAGES, now Prospera. WAGES has a new name, because our co-ops do more than increase wages. They empower women, transform lives, and create real prosperity.

Prospera's Paletería Social Enterprise

Why Co-ops?

Inequality and a lack of economic mobility define today’s economy, putting the American Dream out of reach for the vast majority of low-wage workers. This is particularly true for the many immigrants employed in the U.S. service sector, who, despite their determination and tenacity, often struggle to make ends meet. Some of the hardest hit are the women and mothers striving to not only earn a livelihood, but also to support their families and ensure a quality education and bright future for their children.

Paleta Co-op

Prospera's 6th co-op, which will make and sell paletas, is getting closer to its launch every day. We are developing the co-op in partnership with La Cocina, who is offering their expertise in the food industry and providing access to their state of the art commercial kitchen space.