Ana Castaño

Board Chair, Board Member since 2019

Ana is from Michoacan, Mexico where she lived until 1996 when she came to California. She is the proud mother of Metzli, Alitzel and Erendira. She has worked with the LGBT and immigrant communities through activism. She previously worked as a teacher in rural areas throughout various Mexican regions. She also began a cooperative in 2014, which she ended two years later. She is now in the beginning stages of starting a second coop for childcare in the Bay Area, The Nanny Collective. She has five years of experience as a nanny and has grown very passionate about being a nurturing presence in the lives of children which is what is motivating this next entrepreneurial endeavor. She is Prospera’s fellow and participant. She is involved at Prospera’s board from 2019.

My name is Ana Castaño, I have been the President of the Board of Directors of Prospera since the beginning of 2021. I am also a Mexican immigrant woman, mother of 3 young adults, wife, daughter, sister and member of a beautiful community, where we are united by our challenges and share many experiences such as labor inconvenience and difficulties to compete under equal circumstances in the field of work and entrepreneurship. I also take part in the solidarity and support that is abundant in the group of people with whom I have coincided at Prospera, an organization that I respect, appreciate and care for with all the tools and love possible. At Prospera I have met many other women: workers, mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, business women, who inspire and motivate me every time I go to them, whether to request or give the guidance of experiences and teachings both old and new. Together we share with laughter and tears, through celebrations and setbacks, of ourselves, our families and friends. But above all we share with commitment and responsibility.

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