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Ana Castaño, Board Chair

Ana is from Michoacan, Mexico where she lived until 1996 when she came to California. She is the proud mother of Metzli, Alitzel and Erendira. She has worked with the LGBT and immigrant communities through activism. She previously worked as a teacher in rural areas throughout various Mexican regions. She also began a cooperative in 2014, which she ended two years later. She is now in the beginning stages of starting a second coop for childcare in the Bay Area, The Nanny Collective. She has five years of experience as a nanny and has grown very passionate about being a nurturing presence in the lives of children which is what is motivating this next entrepreneurial endeavor. She is Prospera’s fellow and participant. She is involved at Prospera’s board from 2019.

Maricarmen Arjona, Secretary 

Maricarmen Arjona, MPH has worked professionally in the fields of training and development of human resources, public health, linguistic and cultural competence in health and community organizing. Sheis passionate about grassroots efforts that foster community development and well-being, as well as social, economic and environmental justice towards immigrants and ethnic minorities. Within the culture and the arts, Maricarmen is a practitioner of son Jarocho and a volunteer, cultural promoter of that Mexican musical tradition in the Bay Area. Currently, Maricarmen collaborated as a volunteer, strategic adviser and currently as a Secretary with Prospera.

Nancy Rosales, Board Member 

Nancy Rosales is a Bay Area native and a first generation Mexican American whose parents migrated to Watsonville to pick strawberries through the Bracero program. Pepitos Paletas began in 2007 as an ice cream company. The business later transitioned to paletas when Nancy realized that there wasn’t a choice for organic and authentic paletas in the area. She is a vibrant and determined entrepreneur with so much creativity that shines through her product. Nancy aspires to involve many more Latina women in her project to expand the model and be present with paletas in all the corners of the Bay Area. She values authentic traditions and makes sure that every paleta flavor is connected to her Mexican roots. The paletas are all abuelita (grandma) approved! She is Prospera’s fellow and participant. She is involved at Prospera’s board since 2019.

Ximena Orozco, Treasurer

Ximena is a consultant, facilitator and coach who brings her creativity and passion for social and racial justice to all her work. Over the past decade, Ximena has worked with immigrant communities in the Bay Area as well as other communities of color and LGBTQ people in accessing resources in entrepreneurship, employment, housing, financial education and more. 

In 2015, Ximena launched her own consulting business focusing on strategic planning, program development, coaching and facilitation. She has partnered with organizations like the SF LGBT Center, Immigrants Rising, Prospera, Good Samaritan FRC, and New America.

Ximena enjoys the creative process of innovating and creating new ways for people to build meaningful connections through social and educational events. In any given year, Ximena is likely to be attending, volunteering or planning large national festivals and conferences. She is also a lead organizer for Levantando Nuestras Voces coalition – focused on advocacy, community building and technical assistance for Latina entrepreneurs in California.  Ximena is happy to serve on Prospera’s Board since June 2020.

Maria Rogers Pascual, Board Member 

Maria Rogers Pascual is a program director at the LeadersTrust (formerly known as Haas Leadership Initiatives) where she partners with grantmakers to bring long term, high touch leadership and organizational development resources to strengthen leaders, organizations and movements for social change. One of her primary areas of focus is supporting worker rights organizations across California in partnership with the Irvine Foundation.

Maria is the former Co-executive Director for Prospera Community Development and is excited to be joining the board to offer her talents to the organization in new ways. She brings her full self to her work and to the Prospera community: her experience growing up in a bi-cultural and bilingual family, her many years juggling family and work, her coaching practice, and her dedication to creative and contemplative practices. Maria also brings insights gathered through many years of experience jump starting and running new organizations, leadership development initiatives, and income generating programs in the Bay Area and throughout Latin America.

Prior to her work with the LeadersTrust and Prospera Maria ran Creative Outcomes, her own coaching and consulting Business. She also served as the Executive Director of Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action (PILA), where she led civic engagement programs for community-based organizations in the Bay Area. During her tenure at PILA she co-founded Mobilize the Immigrant Vote California Collaborative (MIV), now Power California; and served on the founding board of directors for Mujeres Unidas y Activas. In the 1990’s Maria helped launch 5 Greenpeace offices throughout Latin America.

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