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Maricarmen Arjona, Interim Chair

Board Member since 2021

Maricarmen Arjona, MPH has worked professionally in the fields of training and development of human resources, public health, linguistic and cultural competence in health and community organizing. Sheis passionate about grassroots efforts that foster community development and well-being, as well as social, economic and environmental justice towards immigrants and ethnic minorities. Within the culture and the arts, Maricarmen is a practitioner of son Jarocho and a volunteer, cultural promoter of that Mexican musical tradition in the Bay Area. Currently, Maricarmen collaborated as a volunteer, strategic adviser and currently as a Secretary with Prospera. Continue reading »

Guadalupe Perez, Interim Secretary

Board Member since 2022

I am originally from Mexico, born in Mexico City and raised in Oaxaca, Mexico and identify most as Oaxacan because of this. I immigrated to the United States 21 years ago. I am indigenous. I am the mother of Ariadna, Karla and Joseph, my greatest treasures. I am a wife, daughter, mother, sister, friend, comadre, leader of the people, and I am a Business Woman.

As an immigrant I live the challenges that my people have in my community. I believe that together we can create sustainable economies, governed by ourselves with values ​​of solidarity, cooperativism, and unity among women because in my Oaxaca these values ​​are lived and it is a lifestyle. Continue reading »

Ximena Orozco, Treasurer

Board Member since 2019

Ximena is a consultant, facilitator and coach who brings her creativity and passion for social and racial justice to all her work. Over the past decade, Ximena has worked with immigrant communities in the Bay Area as well as other communities of color and LGBTQ people in accessing resources in entrepreneurship, employment, housing, financial education and more.

In 2015, Ximena launched her own consulting business focusing on strategic planning, program development, coaching and facilitation. She has partnered with organizations like the SF LGBT Center, Immigrants Rising, Prospera, Good Samaritan FRC, and New America. Continue reading »

Nancy Rosales 

Board Member since 2019

Nancy Rosales is a Bay Area native and a first generation Mexican American whose parents migrated to Watsonville to pick strawberries through the Bracero program. Pepitos Paletas began in 2007 as an ice cream company. The business later transitioned to paletas when Nancy realized that there wasn’t a choice for organic and authentic paletas in the area. She is a vibrant and determined entrepreneur with so much creativity that shines through her product. Nancy aspires to involve many more Latina women in her project to expand the model and be present with paletas in all the corners of the Bay Area. She values authentic traditions and makes sure that every paleta flavor is connected to her Mexican roots. The paletas are all abuelita (grandma) approved! She is Prospera’s fellow and participant. She is involved at Prospera’s board since 2019. Continue reading »

Maria Rogers Pascual

Board Member since 2022

Maria Rogers Pascual is a program director at the LeadersTrust (formerly known as Haas Leadership Initiatives) where she partners with grantmakers to bring long term, high touch leadership and organizational development resources to strengthen leaders, organizations and movements for social change. One of her primary areas of focus is supporting worker rights organizations across California in partnership with the Irvine Foundation.

Maria is the former Co-executive Director for Prospera Community Development and is excited to be joining the board to offer her talents to the organization in new ways. She brings her full self to her work and to the Prospera community: her experience growing up in a bi-cultural and bilingual family, her many years juggling family and work, her coaching practice, and her dedication to creative and contemplative practices. Maria also brings insights gathered through many years of experience jump starting and running new organizations, leadership development initiatives, and income generating programs in the Bay Area and throughout Latin America. Continue reading »

Anais Amaya

Board Member since 2022

Anais has worked to develop partnerships among leaders in a thriving, 500-person network. Today, in her position as the Latino Giving Circle Network Director, Anais supports the strategic growth of LCF’s Latino Giving Circles.

Anais brings a special focus on health to her work at LCF. Born and raised in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and earning a Bachelor’s in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley, she has developed a lifelong interest in addressing the social determinants of health and tackling health disparities. 

She launched her career at the Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (ZSFG). As program manager of the ZSFG Health Advocates, Anais led a multi-lingual initiative to connect patients to community resources. In that role, Anais also built a health career pipeline program to advance diversity in healthcare by providing mentorship, leadership development, and career exposure to local students of color, an effort that continues to this day. Continue reading »

Anne Lufkin-Riaño

Board Member since 2022

Anne Lufkin-Riaño is the Chief Growth & Impact officer at WeavingImpact, a non-profit dedicated to bridging the racial wealth divide in the U.S. The strategy combines the Miller Center for Entrepreneurship’s methodology for building global social enterprises and Innovation Work’s mission to support dis-invested neighborhoods in Baltimore. Currently, Anne’s primary focus is to initiate and support two pilots for the Place-Based-Social-Enterprise Models.

Anne is also the former strategic partnerships lead for Kiva U.S. where she scaled Kiva’s partnership model into a cost-effective program, supporting 60% of Kiva US’s loan portfolio, reaching primarily women and BIPOC small business owners. Anne is a champion of improving access to capital for early stage entrepreneurs and developing pilot programs that provide onramps to the first step on the capital ladder, especially for unbanked Latino entrepreneurs. Continue reading »

Idaima Robles

Board Member since 2022

I was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico and grew up in Chicago. Once I moved to the Bay Area, my new supervisor suggested I connect with Prospera due to my background. I met Claudia Arroyo and fell in love with Prospera and its mission. 

I connected to Prospera through my personal experience with entrepreneurship and I became very interested in cooperatives after learning more about Prospera. My father has a business that I helped him establish and manage. I started my career in financial advisory because I wanted to help my dad in managing his business, and discovered I really enjoyed it, and especially in a small business setting. From there, I became interested in empowering others with the skills they need to run their own small business.  Continue reading »

Itzel Diaz-Romo

Board Member since 2022

Itzel Diaz-Romo has dedicated her professional career to serving diverse communities through small and large nonprofits in Oakland; she is passionate about creating public and private partnerships to support an equity agenda, executing communications strategies, and storytelling.

Itzel is currently the Senior Communications Officer at East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF), where she executes the Foundation’s external communications and content strategy to support its mission of partnering with donors, social movements, and the community to eliminate structural barriers, advance racial equity, and transform political, social, and economic outcomes for all who call the East Bay home. Continue reading »

Rosalba Montoya

Board Member since 2022

She recognizes herself as a woman born from the roots of her ancestors. Activist and defender of women’s rights.

Creative, curious and passionate about knowing and learning from everything and everyone. Enjoys learning about people and cultures through their personal stories and social practices.

She has worked with diverse and migrant communities since October 2020 in the United States, has teaching experience from Colombia, and is part of several groups and organizations in the United States in defense of human rights.

Dancer of life, pure salsa, cumbia and flavor in her veins and she is recognized as La Negra Luminosa, and I am convinced that Together We Are Powerful!  Continue reading »

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