Executive Director 

Claudia joined Prospera in August 2014 as a consultant, providing outreach, recruitment, and training services, and in January 2015 she joined the staff as the Training and Capacity Building Director. She has been a key member of the Program Team, designing all of Prospera’s new programs. Claudia brings her passion for social justice and equality to her role. She has been an active leader in immigrant rights, bringing in a necessary perspective having been undocumented herself for 12 years, gender and violence prevention, gay and queer rights, and health promotion for underserved communities for more than 15 years. Using Popular Education, video editing, and culture, she has served the community by creating plays to denounce and prevent social and health problems. Continue reading »



Program Success Manager

Anahi was studying to be a lawyer in Mexico when she decided to emigrate to the United States, where she became a worker-owner of various green house cleaning cooperatives. During this time, she looked for opportunities to create her own business. In 2017, she started Professional Eco Cleaning, an environmentally friendly home and office cleaning business with cooperative values. During all of this time, she has been providing economic and moral support to her family in Mexico, which led her mother to open a stationery store and her sister a clothing store focused on appreciation of different body types. Anahi is a partner and consultant for these businesses. Continue reading


Evaluation and Learning Manager

Danielle joined the Prospera team in January 2020 as Entrepreneur Success Coordinator. Many things drew her to Prospera, but it was the organization’s commitment to social justice and popular education that convinced Danielle that she could find a professional home here.

Danielle grew up in the East Bay, but has spent extensive time living and working in Latin America. While earning her Master of Public Administration, Danielle worked in Brazil and Colombia in environmental justice, program monitoring and evaluation, and humanitarian assistance for displaced persons. Building on her experience as a yoga instructor, Danielle applied a trauma-informed, mind-body perspective to her work and discovered her passion for working in the intersection of social justice and healing. Continue reading


Strategic Impact and Systems Manager

Estefanía joined Prospera as our Strategic Impact and Systems Manager, bringing an extensive experience in Non-Profit development and a deep passion for building a just and equitable world. As a Latina immigrant having lived in several countries, she is wholehearted in disrupting the inequities faced by immigrant and underserved communities. Estefanía is motivated by and committed to supporting Prospera’s vision of creating an ecosystem of Latina-owned cooperatives and businesses. 

She leads Prospera’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) area, driving the organization’s systems and technology, and partnerships strategy. With a focus on developing and implementing Prospera’s expansion plan, Estefanía plays a crucial role in propelling the organization’s impact scale. 


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Entrepreneur Success Coordinator

Elisa is originally from Mexico, where she lived until 2020. She is proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community and is happily married to Xochitl Castillo. Before joining Prospera, Elisa graduated from the Program “Explora tu Cooperativa”, and became a volunteer for the program during 2021. She was also a Prospera consultant in February 2022, and in the same year; she joined the team as Program Assistant. Elisa fell in love with Prospera from the first moment, convinced that this organization lives the values ​​it professes, and that being there is not a work for her, but a lifestyle. She connects her passion with the mission of the organization, by providing support to immigrant communities in her personal and professional development. Continue reading


Entrepreneur Success Coordinator

In the summer of 2014, Ana started her relationship with Prospera. She worked as a worker-owner in a cooperative business project for the production and sale of popsicles for two years. Later, due to her love and respect for the training and education of people from an early age, she began a new cooperative project called Luna y Sol, focused on child care. Motivated by the need and trust that families with children have in child care providers and her conviction that cooperativism is a vehicle for the economic and professional sustainability of humanity, Ana continued to participate with Prospera. She was a member of the Board of Directors, then became the President of the Board, always attentive and engaged in the programs and opportunities that Prospera offered. Continue reading


Entrepreneur Success Coordinator

Tania joined the Prospera team in January 2023 as the Entrepreneur Success Coordinator. Tania moved to the Bay Area from Chile in 2004 and quickly connected with a large community of people from different backgrounds and expertises. She loves being an immigrant and thinks that our lives expand every time we connect with people who are different. Tania holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from DUOC UC – Chile and a Master’s degree in Consciousness and Transformative Studies with an emphasis on Culture and Consciousness from J.F.K. University. She is curious and believes that education and knowledge are powerful tools that help people to have thoughtful and conscious lives that will impact others. Continue reading


Entrepreneur Success Coordinator

Celia joined the Prospera team in January 2024 as an Entrepreneur Success Coordinator. Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, Celia arrived to the U.S. at the age of 19 with the idea of achieving the American dream and quickly realized that without preparation, it would be very difficult to achieve her goals. She began studying ESL during the day at San Jose City College and Evergreen Valley College and in the evenings at an adult school. In 2017, she earned her GED and graduated alongside her daughter, who graduated high school, and her son, who graduated middle school. Continue reading



Finance and Operations Director

Claudia is the Finance and Operations Director at Prospera. Prior to joining the team at Prospera she graduated from the program “Explora tu Cooperativa” in 2018 and was a volunteer at the Prospera’s 2nd Summit for Latina Entrepreneurs. She brings to Prospera over 12 years of administrative, finance and operations experience working with International nonprofits in Colombia and the US. Her previous job was with The HALO Trust, the world’s largest humanitarian mine clearance organization. During her tenure at HALO, Claudia supported the ED, DD, finance and program teams making sure the daily operations were running in a timely and effective manner.  Continue reading »


Finance & Operations Coordinator

Jami joined the Prospera team in May 2022 as the Finance and Operations Coordinator. Jami holds a Bachelor of Science in Community Health. Jami has spent a substantial amount of time traveling in and around the Americas and has a profound commitment to helping Latin American communities arise.

Jami’s love for the nonprofit world stemmed from being a part of a grant writing collective where she brings deep appreciation and knowledge of how nonprofits pursue their missions to improve communities, one program at a time. Prospera’s mission and values of supporting Latina women to foster economic independence brought Jami to ProsperaContinue reading


HR & Operations Coordinator

Camila joined the Prospera team in May 2024 as HR & Operations Coordinator. With extensive experience in the social sector and government sector in her native Colombia, Camila brings to the team a passion for community work and social justice. In Colombia she worked in the reintegration process of demobilized people from armed groups, social marketing projects and rural education. Camila studied Psychology at CES University in Medellin Colombia and completed her training with a Masters in Development Studies at the University of Sydney, Australia. Her extensive experience added to her studies and her passion for helping others adds to Prospera’s purpose and mission. Continue reading



Development Director

Maribel Rodríguez joined Prospera in March 2024, bringing a rich tapestry of experiences rooted in resilience, joy, and community. As a proud former undocumented immigrant from La Piedad Michoacán, México, Maribel’s personal and professional journey has been defined by her commitment to social justice and community service.

Her career spans over two decades in the nonprofit sector within the Bay Area, encompassing diverse areas such as youth development, mental health, college access, and unhoused services. Maribel holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from CSU East Bay, coupled with Bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Latin American Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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Communications and Strategic Initiatives Director

Maite Gascó joined the Prospera team in January 2018. Maite holds degrees in Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing. Her international experience at Vicente Ferrer Foundation, and her freelance and volunteer work for organizations like KIVA, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Arrels Foundation, Esperanzah Foundation have provided her with a solid background in fundraising and communications for the third sector. Continue reading »


Communications Coordinator

Born and raised in the Bay Area Peninsula, Ángela Solis joined Prospera in April of 2022 as their Development and Communications Coordinator. Compelled by her love for words, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. After a short time in the corporate sector, she quickly transitioned to the third sector and found she was most passionate about work knowing she could make a difference. Continue reading »

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