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Karany Arts gives access to Fair Trade values for artisans in Latin America through the promotion and commercialization of their culturally significant and connected products. Karany Arts hopes to cut out exploiting middlemen who undervalue the artisanal work by supporting women and smaller producers.

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3900 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland
(510) 480 5873 

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Pepito’s Paletas offers organic and authentic paletas in the Bay area to connect people with this Mexican dessert. Pepito’s Paletas provides a fresh product for small private parties and corporate events. You can choose over 30 Mexican traditional flavors. 

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(415) 475-1991

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Professional Eco-Clean (PEC) is a worker-owned green cleaning cooperative based in Oakland. This cooperative supports Latina women to live fulfilling lives with access to fair work in the United States. PEC wants workers to have the opportunity and the responsibility to own the business, as well as have the time to develop personally, support their families and have stable finances.

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(510) 398 8026 

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Home Green Home is a worker-owned natural cleaning cooperative based in San Francisco founded in partnership with Wages and Seventh Generation. Their main goal is to support families to be economically self-sufficient while providing clients with high-quality services. 

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Utz Threads is a Latina owned textile brand. They work to promote their ancestral knowledge through handmade products from Guatemala that tell a story about who the women are and what everyday life is like for them. Utz Threads promotes Fair Trade values by watching every aspect of the supply chain to ensure fair pay, safe working conditions and a mutually respectful relationship with the women.

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Lil Nopalito sells t-shirts for women, kids, home goods and accessories with fun and personalized designs.

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(510) 990 7724

1470 Fruitvale Avenue Ste.1
Oakland, CA 94601
(510) 695-2270
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