Idaima Robles

Treasurer Member since 2022

I was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico and grew up in Chicago. Once I moved to the Bay Area, my new supervisor suggested I connect with Prospera due to my background. I met Claudia Arroyo and fell in love with Prospera and its mission. 

I connected to Prospera through my personal experience with entrepreneurship and I became very interested in cooperatives after learning more about Prospera. My father has a business that I helped him establish and manage. I started my career in financial advisory because I wanted to help my dad in managing his business, and discovered I really enjoyed it, and especially in a small business setting. From there, I became interested in empowering others with the skills they need to run their own small business. 

I like that Prospera leads with cooperative values; cooperatives are so common outside of the US and in our cultures, and I appreciate that Prospera is doing the work to connect us back to our roots in bringing cooperatives where many Latines found ourselves now, in the US. Cooperatives would benefit not only our communities, but our society as a whole. 

I also think it’s important that Prospera places importance on women-led businesses because it recognizes that women are very strong, but we can still further develop in harnessing our self-worth and inner strength, which is most important. 

Prospera’s work is critical in giving Latina immigrants tools in their primary language to help them step into their self-confidence and immense capacity. Immigrants already navigate so many spaces where they cannot speak their native language, so if we can help them with at least a piece of the puzzle in their own language we can position them and their business or cooperative in the best situation.  

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