Board Member since 2020

Ximena is a consultant, facilitator and coach who brings her creativity and passion for social and racial justice to all her work. Over the past decade, Ximena has worked with immigrant communities in the Bay Area as well as other communities of color and LGBTQ people in accessing resources in entrepreneurship, employment, housing, financial education and more.

In 2015, Ximena launched her own consulting business focusing on strategic planning, program development, coaching and facilitation. She has partnered with organizations like the SF LGBT Center, Immigrants Rising, Prospera, Good Samaritan FRC, and New America.

Ximena enjoys the creative process of innovating and creating new ways for people to build meaningful connections through social and educational events. In any given year, Ximena is likely to be attending, volunteering or planning large national festivals and conferences. She is also a lead organizer for Levantando Nuestras Voces coalition – focused on advocacy, community building and technical assistance for Latina entrepreneurs in California.  Ximena is happy to serve on Prospera’s Board since June 2020.

Prospera carries my values too.
I am a person with dreams.
I am an immigrant, sister, daughter, friend, partner, entrepreneur and activist.
My mom is Elizabeth Orozco Ramos; my father, Yesid Arias Urrea.
I bring your dreams with me too.

Prospera fills me, makes me feel like I belong to a community, to a family.
I came to Prospera knowing only the impact that Prospera has on the cooperative businesses of Latina entrepreneurs.
Now I know that this impact extends to their families, friends, and community.

At Prospera, we all Prosper and we are all Prosperers.
What does it mean to prosper? This word implies reaching beyond the imagined.
It is a transformation of the current state, a dynamic process.
Prospera is community, reflection, support, impulse, love, understanding and much more…
The world needs the existence of Prospera, to continue inspiring new paths not yet imagined. I feel very grateful to be part of this organization.

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