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María Rogers Pascual

Executive Director

Maria Rogers Pascual joined Prospera “officially” in January 2015. She has been supporting the organization and affiliate cooperatives as a leadership coach, consultant and trainer since June 2013. Maria brings over 20 years of experience jump starting and running new organizations, leadership development and income generating programs in the U.S and Latin America. She has worked with a wide range of organizations — from community-based groups and social businesses to international organizations and private foundations. Maria is particularly passionate about improving the lives of immigrant communities in the US. As the Executive Director of Partnership for Immigrant Leadership and Action (PILA) from 2003-08, Maria helped build the capacity of diverse immigrant-based organizations in the Bay Area and co-founded Mobilize the Immigrant Vote California Collaborative (MIV).  Continue reading »

Claudia Arroyo

Community Education Director

Claudia joined Prospera in August 2014 as a consultant, providing outreach, recruitment, and training services, and in January 2015 she joined the staff as the Training and Capacity Building Director. She has been a key member of the Program Team, designing all of Prospera’s new programs. Claudia brings her passion for social justice and equality to her role. She has been an active leader in immigrant rights, gender and violence prevention, gay and queer rights, and health promotion for underserved communities for more than 15 years. Using Popular Education, video editing, and culture, she has served the community by creating plays to denounce and prevent social and health problems. In 2010 she founded the Latino Coalition against domestic and gender violence, La Red Latina that brought together more than 35 organizations that serve, protect and empower Latina women in the Bay Area. Continue reading »

Ximena Orozco

Client Success Manager

Ximena is a consultant, facilitator and coach who brings her passion for social justice and entrepreneurship as Prospera’s Client Success Manager. Ximena was born in Colombia and immigrated with her family to the United States at an early age. Growing up, she witnessed her parents develop a successful family business from the ground up as a means for financial self-sufficiency. Her family’s path to entrepreneurship has inspire her to work with immigrants as well as other communities that seek entrepreneurship to support themselves, their families and their community. Continue reading »

Claudia Delgado

Operations Coordinator

Claudia is the Operations Coordinator at Prospera. Prior to joining the team at Prospera she graduated from the program “Explora tu Cooperativa” in 2018 and was a volunteer at the Prospera’s 2nd Summit for Latina Entrepreneurs. She brings to Prospera over 12 years of administrative, finance and operations experience working with International nonprofits in Colombia and the US. Her previous job was with The HALO Trust, the world’s largest humanitarian mine clearance organization. During her tenure at HALO, Claudia supported the ED, DD, finance and program teams making sure the daily operations were running in a timely and effective manner.  Continue reading »

Maite Gascó

Marketing and Development Manager

Maite Gascó joined the Prospera team in January 2018. Maite holds degrees in Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing. Her international experience at Vicente Ferrer Foundation, and her freelance and volunteer work for organizations like KIVA, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Arrels Foundation, Esperanzah Foundation have provided her with a solid background in fundraising for the third sector. Continue reading »

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