Anahi Rojas

Program Success Manager

Anahi was studying to be a lawyer in Mexico when she decided to emigrate to the United States, where she became a worker-owner of various green house cleaning cooperatives. During this time, she looked for opportunities to create her own business. In 2017, she started Professional Eco Cleaning, an environmentally friendly home and office cleaning business with cooperative values. During all of this time, she has been providing economic and moral support to her family in Mexico, which led her mother to open a stationery store and her sister a clothing store focused on appreciation of different body types. Anahi is a partner and consultant for these businesses. 

In early 2020, Anahi began offering business workshops in the Bay Area for Latina entrepreneurs. This led her to co-found BRINDEMOS, a consulting cooperative for Spanish-speaking business owners in the US. Anahi has been a part of the Prospera community for over a decade, and during the last five years, she has participated in various Fellowship programs.  Now she has transitioned to a new role as Prospera’s Program Success Manager, in which she is motivated to support more women in their business ownership path. She carries her feminist values into her professional and personal life and is the proud mother of Alexa and Emmanuel, her two children who are the driving force of her development.

“I am Mexican, mother, entrepreneur, migrant, I identify myself as a woman who, learning from feminism, seeks my liberation and that of all women, which is why my life and values go hand in hand with what we do at Prospera. Right now my role is as the business development coordinator, which fulfills me because I can support other women while I learn and develop alongside them. My path throughout migration, the search for opportunities and entrepreneurship have given me the opportunity to empathize with our participants, dream and work together for a fairer world and an alternative economy, without neglecting the recognition of our history, challenges and ambitions. Being part of Prospera for more than a decade and having the opportunity to wear several hats, including that of a participant, makes me feel confident when I say “I am Prospera and Prospera has helped me to be me.” This is why I am passionate about being a part of Prospera and impacting more lives like mine, those of my colleagues and participants.

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