Jami Marcoe

Finance and Operations  Coordinator 

Jami joined the Prospera team in May 2022 as the Finance and Operations Coordinator. Jami holds a Bachelor of Science in Community Health. Jami has spent a substantial amount of time traveling in and around the Americas and has a profound commitment to helping Latin American communities arise.

Jami’s love for the nonprofit world stemmed from being a part of a grant writing collective where she brings deep appreciation and knowledge of how nonprofits pursue their missions to improve communities, one program at a time. Prospera’s mission and values of supporting Latina women to foster economic independence brought Jami to Prospera.

“During my young adult life, I spent a lot of time traveling and getting to know and love different cultures while surrounding myself in and around Latino communities. Born in a small town in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, my passions include the ocean, tree-hugging, dancing, traveling, and being the mother of two strong-willed daughters. I moved to California with my Puerto Rican husband in 2011, and we have planted our roots in East Oakland.

I discovered cooperatives through my daughter’s preschool and was fascinated by how fast the community can grow and thrive. During my time at the cooperative, I made some of the most impactful connections and friends in my life. Prospera, for me, is networking for the support of women, hope, and radical change. ”  

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