Maite Gascó

Strategic Initiatives Director

Maite Gascó joined the Prospera team in January 2018. Maite holds degrees in Advertising, Public Relations, and Marketing in Barcelona, Spain. Her international experience at Vicente Ferrer Foundation, and her freelance and volunteer work for organizations like KIVA, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Arrels Foundation, Esperanzah Foundation have provided her with a solid background in fundraising for the third sector. Her commitment, critical approach and capacity for working independently are making it possible for her take the reigns of our marketing & development programs so that many more Latina entrepreneurs can get the support they need to succeed been essential to do the job successfully.

“I’m from Barcelona, Spain and I left behind my family, my friends and my job. I emigrated to the United States 7 years ago because love brought me here. In the beginning, everything was wonderful: new boyfriend, new city, new friends, new adventures. But one day I woke up so early in the morning to go to work to sell Argentine Empanadas. There was nothing wrong with it but I started crying… I was thinking, Maite, what are you doing with your life? Who are you? Because all of my past: my work, my experience, my career didn’t count in this country. I didn’t know when I left that I would face so many barriers: the language, legal status, navigating a new system, even though it was my will to come here, and I had many privileges that others do not.

When I found Prospera my life took a big turn. I found a community that believes in me and helps me to overcome my fears and grow personally and professionally – just like we do with the participants in Prospera’s programs. Now together we are growing, breaking barriers, recognizing our power and following our dreams. After 4 years at Prospera, I’m the Development and Communications Director and it’s a privilege for me to work with and for them, and bring my best to support these entrepreneurs so they can have the same opportunities that I had and achieve everything they want.”

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