Ana Castaño

Entrepreneur Success Coordinator
In the summer of 2014, Ana started her relationship with Prospera. She worked as a worker-owner in a cooperative business project for the production and sale of popsicles for two years. Later, due to her love and respect for the training and education of people from an early age, she began a new cooperative project called Luna y Sol, focused on child care. Motivated by the need and trust that families with children have in child care providers and her conviction that cooperativism is a vehicle for the economic and professional sustainability of humanity, Ana continued to participate with Prospera. She was a member of the Board of Directors, then became the President of the Board, always attentive and engaged in the programs and opportunities that Prospera offered. Ana provided facilitation services in programs for Prospera as a contractor. In January 2023, she joined the staff as an Entrepreneur Success Coordinator. During her education in Mexico, Ana provided social service for two years teaching elementary education in rural communities. She utilized popular education and fully integrated community members, which led to a return of solidarity within these communities. A few years later, Ana became an organizer and activist in defense of undocumented workers, leading committees in a march for dignity in response to a mass layoff. Through this experience, Ana was motivated to unlearn prejudices and fears that kept her community from accessing opportunities that they deserved. With Prospera, Ana found a community, family, and space to join forces, raise her voice, and practice cooperative ancestral practices and historical resilience. These practices are what she had always known among immigrants, and now with Prospera, she can channel her power to make a positive impact.
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