It takes a village: help us crowdfund for childcare!


Imagine having to choose between following your dreams or postponing them once again because you can’t afford to pay a sitter for your children. Prospera does not think this is a choice low-income Latina moms should have to make. You can help provide Latina Moms with access to childcare while they participate in our year-long cooperative incubation program that brings cohorts of Latina entrepreneurs from cooperative business idea to launch, through technical assistance, training, and coaching.

Most of our program participants are mothers, many of whom are the heads-of-household, who often rely on family or friends for childcare. This is not always a viable option. Without reliable childcare many of the leaders in our program would have to miss sessions or drop out of the program completely. By lowering the barriers for these entrepreneurial moms, together we can support their leadership development as they work to become worker-owners of their very own cooperatives.

Your donations will provide childcare services for the children of women in the Spring and Summer sessions of Prospera II:

  • $20 covers childcare for one hour
  • $60 covers childcare for one business plan training session
  • $180 covers childcare for three market research training sessions
  • $240 covers childcare for all four Co-op development and Communication training sessions
  • $360 covers all 6 business plan sessions or market research sessions
  • $600 covers childcare for 30 hours, that’s half of Prospera II!

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