El Cafesito


Since we launched our new program, we have reached over 150 women who have aspirations to become cooperative entrepreneurs. One group of 3 women in particular are getting closer to making business ownership a reality for themselves:

El Cafesito is a unique Latino Delicatessen, Coffee, Gifts and Bookshop. The concept designed by Rosa, Isabel and Patricia will include a self-help bookstore and crafts that are unique non-traditional pieces of Latin American art.


El Cafesito is the first cooperative project formed for Hispanic survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. They united their voices and skills in order to inspire others who are suffering from violence to create a safe environment for themselves and achieve financial freedom through business ownership.

Prospera has invested over 16 training sessions, 10 individual coaching sessions and 50 hours of technical assistance to make sure that the Latina entrepreneurs received the leadership development they needed to become the Founding members of this cooperative project. We know how important it is to provide a high-touch, high-quality, culturally relevant program for Latina women to create pathways for ownership.

Please consider making a gift of $250, $150, $100 or $50. Any amount will have a long-lasting impact on entrepreneurs like the women in El Cafesito. It has been a pleasure to work directly with these women and I look forward to continuing the work for new entrepreneurs in 2017.

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