We congratulate Anahi & Itzel for the 1st anniversary of Professional Eco Cleaning (PEC), a green cleaning cooperative that is based in the East Bay. PEC has a long story with Prospera, since one of the founders, Anahi is a former Prospera Fellow with 7 years of experience as a worker-owner in green cleaning cooperatives.  Read this interview and get inspired by their achievements and learnings.

What are the 3 main accomplishments of Professional Eco Cleaning?

We think that our main accomplishment is having a full-time house cleaning business this year, without having to pay for any marketing. Another achievement is that we managed to close the year with earnings and we had no losses. And lastly, we have maintained ourselves inspired and believing in this project despite all the obstacles we have faced.

Reflection about your relationship with Prospera.

For PEC, Prospera has been a great pillar. They helped us at the beginning in obtaining our licenses. Then, Prospera gave us ideas on how to launch our business. The program Crece has been an inspiration to us a month and after month. We have learned techniques in how to grow our business and feel confident about it. Prospera has been a helping hand that has not let us fall.

Do you have any advice for women who are thinking about following the cooperative business model?

That it is time to start! No dream comes from nothing. We must work hard for it and once we work towards achieving our dream our satisfaction is enormous. We begin accomplishing goals, step by step with the helping hand of those like Prospera, who can support and illuminate the way. Once you start you will learn that you are not alone. There are ways, organizations, and people with their own goals that are key pieces informing your business cooperative. Together or in a group, cooperatives are the way to go!

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