Help us launch “The Power of a Dream”!

Maite Gasco, Marketing and Development Manager 
June, 7 2018

Our Dream

Gabriela Arvizu has many stories to show! Prospera’s Latina entrepreneurs have many stories to tell!

“The Power of a Dream” is an audiovisual project — led by Gabriela Arvizu, Prospera collaborator, entrepreneur, freelance and audiovisual artist — that was born with a dream of documenting and amplifying the voice of entrepreneurial Latinas. Through a series of documentary videos, Gabriela Arvizu and Prospera come together to show the world real stories of entrepreneurial Latina immigrants building cooperative businesses in the Bay Area.

The Power of a Dream: Stories of migration, cooperation & leadership

Despite the economic and social adversities that the Latina community faces in the today’s political climate in the United States, these entrepreneurs are creating new economic opportunities for themselves and their community through the cooperative business model and social impact entrepreneurship.

Now more than ever, it is important to capture these stories as a way to recognize the leadership and daily struggle of these entrepreneurs, and to inspire many other Latinas.

Help us make this project a reality

Please help us reach our goal of $6,500. The East Bay Fund for Artists will match every gift we receive from individual donations up to $6,000.

These videos will amplify the voices of four Latina immigrant women, document their journeys to become entrepreneurs, and create opportunities for other women in the Bay Area. Your contribution will also make it possible for Gabriela Arvizu to present her entrepreneurial project at film festivals and to other audiences.

Collaborate and get involved with Prospera!

Your collaboration is essential for us to achieve our goal of sharing these powerful stories of migration, cooperation, and leadership that entrepreneurial Latinas encounter in their daily lives.


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