A Special Thank You by Prospera Team

Thank you for getting behind Prospera’s Latina immigrant entrepreneurs during this very trying year. The impact of so much turmoil has certainly challenged all of us to take a hard look at what is truly important. At Prospera we are convinced, now more than ever, that investing in the long term financial health and wellbeing of immigrant women is absolutely essential. Every day Prospera’s Latina entrepreneurs stretch our imaginations with big aspirations, ideas, and dreams. These women are fighters; day in and day out they tackle multiple barriers – documentation status, language access, gender discrimination, and the list goes on. But these women are unstoppable. They simply don’t give up.

But the truth is that the need is much greater than our current capacity, and that is why we are reaching out to you today to encourage you to join GroWoman.

GroWoman is an initiative that will create opportunities for many more women to grow, as individuals, as cooperative business owners and as leaders in our community.

Please make your contribution today!
Join GroWoman, because when one woman grows we all grow.
With appreciation. We wish you Happy Holidays.

Maria, Claudia, Brenda, and Maite.
Prospera Team 

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