I am pleased to share that we have started a strategic alliance with Excelsior Works! (EW), a multicultural and multilingual workforce development center based in the Excelsior neighborhood in San Francisco, CA.

Last Thursday, April 18th, we visited the EW facilities and held a cooperative talk led by Kristina Molina from Producciones Arcoiris cooperative, Ana Castaño from The Nanny Collective, and Anahi Rojas, founding member of Professional Eco- Cleaning cooperative. Around 30 women from the Excelsior neighborhood learned about cooperatives and were inspired by Kristina’s, Ana’s and Anahi’s stories.

Lourdes, one of the participants said enthusiastically “We are the voice of our community… when you are ready to learn, the teacher comes your way… I am ready to participate in the Explora training!.”

In collaboration with EW! And one of their key partners PODER, we started offering Prospera’s introductory course called Explora on May 2nd!!!

The goal is to provide the Excelsior community with the tools to launch cooperative businesses that benefit EW and PODER members, their families and their entire community. At Prospera, we know that when women are owners of our economies, the whole community thrives!

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