Be bold and spread the love
A tribute to the Latino Community Foundation 
by Maria Rogers Pascual

I am still feeling the big love that Masha, Jacqueline and their amazing team shared with us just last week at our second retreat of the Latino Community Foundation’s (LCF) non-profit acceleratorProspera is one of the nine lucky organizations in their 2019 cohort that is at the center of LCF’s attention. 

Thank you Masha for reminding us that what our world needs, now more than ever is for us to spread our love. Thank you Jacqueline for inspiring us to be bold. This is not the time to sit back and hold back. 

You are helping us to be bold by speaking about love in these times of so much hate. You remind us to not make ourselves small in the face of fear. 

Yes, you are right Jacqueline: Latina entrepreneurs can and will revolutionize our economy! And Prospera will not quit until every Latina entrepreneur has access to the love, the tools and the capital they need to launch their wildest dreams.  

Thanks to the accelerator we are able to take stock of the immense contributions that our small organization makes with so little. And we dare to imagine what impact looks like with adequate resources. We are ever so grateful for the support from your amazing team of world class consultants — Jocelyn, Shiree, Alexa, Ivy, Sabiha, Meredith, Juan Carlos. And we know that there are many behind the scenes at LCF that make it all happen – Jenna, Amber, Andrea, Samantha, Adriana, Anna, Christian and the list goes on…

You are investing in us, in our teams, in our infrastructure so that we can step out and be bold with love. You are helping us build strong connections with Latinx organizations across the state because together we are stronger!  

I want to extend my love to our colleagues from TODEC  in the Inland Empire in particular who are risking their lives to protect all of our immigrant families. 

I want to extend my love to all of the organizations at the border and across the country who are stepping into the line of fire, and most of all, to all of our immigrant families who are bearing the brunt of all this hate and divisive politics. 

I want each and every child to feel this big love that Masha so unabashedly inspires.I want all of those children to know that we are building the future that they deserve. I want them to hear Jacqueline’s determination that we won’t stop until we get there.

There is a fine line between love and hate.
Let us all cross it now! 

Del amor al odio hay una línea muy delgada.
Cruzemosla ya!


La Luz Center  | Sonoma

Nuestra Casa  | East Palo Alto

<Dev / Mission>  | San Francisco

Fresno Barrios Unidos  | Fresno

TODEC  | Inland Empire

99Rootz (Project of Power CA)  | Central Valley

Dolores Huerta Foundation  | Central Valley

North Bay Organizing Project  | Sonoma

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