Fearless Latina warrior by Nancy Rosales 

Prospera, for me, has been nothing short of an oasis. It has inculcated within me the spirit of a fearless Latina warrior, who will fight and worked hard for her dreams. Here, I know that I am not just a lone ranger, but my comadres have my back while I go out and venture into the wilderness. 

In fact, just a few weeks ago, I was fortunate to have spent three days at Camp CEO with Girl Scouts of Northern California, reminiscent to me of my Girl Scouts days. Thanks to my mother’s sacrifice, she figured out how to get us involved in a handful of activities. 

This time, my role was a bit different. I was there as a mentor and was lucky to share bunk beds with acclaimed CEOs from the Bay Area. We came together committed to mentor, support, and guide the next generation of budding young leaders. I was to be their model as a minority CEO and entrepreneur. 

I felt rejuvenated seeing so much determination in such young ladies who I broke bread with. They asked the right questions on how to become a fearless warrior, especially when venturing into entrepreneurship.

It was a humbling experience knowing that I was now in the ranks of doctors and CEOs of major corporations. It made me realize how we belong to each other, and we are one. That we have all gone through different struggles regardless of race, to be where we are today. 

My contribution was sharing Pepito’s Paletas. I was excited to hear the feedback and to let them know we have created a product that is fresh, healthy, eco-friendly, and have eliminated the use of freezers and plastics. 

It was heart-warming to receive feedback from the tribe leaders, campers, and camp staff. Young campers expressed how this simple idea of PALETAS/ fruit popsicles was different and inspiring. Hearing it from a young soul definitely inspires me that we are on the right track.

It all ended with a warm, cozy campfire and some delicious, warm marshmallows s’mores while we watched some creative skits and sang songs. Together we created many memorable moments, especially hearing the girls’ future plans on becoming leaders. 

Within an atmosphere of sheer encouragement, both the girls and the mentors inspired creativity with every task we undertook. We walked away from this experience, feeling more grounded, illuminated, and motivated. 

More than anything, I can’t wait to return to this marvelous camp and share each other’s energy once again to create a circle of new friends and leaders. 

Mil Gracias,

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