New beginnings. New location. New logo!

Hello Prospera Friends,

Guess what? This week we moved to a new home. But we didn’t go very far. In fact, we will still be on Fruitvale Ave. Take note of our new location. Come visit! 

Prospera c/homiey
1232 Fruitvale Ave, Oakland, CA 94601

With bittersweetness we say goodbye to our colleagues at the Spanish Speaking Citizens FoundationA special thank you to Alicia Contreras and Maria Gaxiola for welcoming us to your space a couple of years ago when we left downtown Oakland to be closer to our community. You made it possible for Prospera to build a new home here in the Fruitvale district. We will miss you! 

Thank you to our amazing Operations Manager Claudia Delgado for making this move happen.

We are delighted to join homiey, a black, woman, and queer-owned coworking and event space that opened in early 2019. 

“Homiey and Prospera’s unique partnership is an exciting opportunity for Prospera to have more resources for their entrepreneur and fellowship programs,” said Ebonie Cobb, Founder and Owner of homiey Fruitvale. To learn more about our partnership with homiey go to this link.

Amelia Vergel de Dios (homiey) Maria Rogers Pascual, Claudia Arroyo (Prospera), Ebonie Cobb (homiey)

And now, check out our new logo. After many brainstorming sessions with our community of Latina entrepreneurs we have arrived at a new, more colorful look that connects us to our Latinx roots and promises to grow with us for many years to come.    

Maite Gascó, our devoted marketing and communications guru guided us every step of the way. “It’s the smoothest re-brand I’ve ever been part of” says Maite, and that has everything to do with Sabiha and her team at Design Action Collective and their immense creative power.” Thank you Latino Community Foundation Accelerator Program for investing in our rebrand. 

At Prospera we are proud to live our cooperative values every day. We are grateful to key longtime partnerships like the Spanish Speaking Citizens Foundation, the Latino Community Foundation and Design Action Collective, and welcome new ones like homiey. 

Maria Rogers Pascual 
Co-Executive Director Prospera 

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