Beloved friends of Prospera,

I hope that you’re all in good health and coping with the lockdown as best you can.

I’m Nancy Rosales, founder of Pepitos Paletas, Prospera fellow and board member. I want to let you know how I’m living through COVID-19 and how it is affecting my business and my daily life.

Last year was a good one for Pepitos Paletas, we began to harvest the fruits of all the seeds we had planted. I was excited to start 2020 off right. I already had several orders for special events and some weddings and it seemed that everything was going as well as the year before, if not better. But then news of the COVID-19 outbreak broke and everything grinded to a halt. All orders were canceled, with no foreseeable new dates, therefore, no foreseeable income.

The first days were really scary, I didn’t know how to face this new situation or how to juggle my expenses and responsibilities on top of everything else. But an entrepreneur does not have time to fear and with the support of Prospera we started working side by side to look for a solution. Our first step was a complete assessment of our cash flow and then we began brainstorming ways to keep the business moving forward.

Throughout this whole process, I found myself thinking about the other women entrepreneurs in the same situation as me or in even worse shape. And that’s when Prospera invited me to participate in a survey to gather first hand information about all the participants in the program focused on their financial, physical and mental health, as well as their access to much-needed technology. The main goal was to offer them help and partnership, in other words, to help women like me get through this. 

Very alarming data came from the survey and that’s why Prospera launched the Latina Entrepreneur Resiliency Fund, an emergency fund to help cover a range of critical expenses: from childcare and eldercare, to technology and the equipment that makes it possible to work safely with minimal community exposure; as well as rent, food, healthcare, and other basic needs.


I know the months ahead won’t be easy, but I do feel fortified by the Prospera family. And I also feel proud to stand by other women in the same situation as me, because if they find a way to thrive we all will.

Nancy Rosales 
Founder of Pepitos Paletas, Prospera Fellow & Board member

If you want to support Pepitos Paletas today,
5% of all of Pepito’s proceeds will go to the
Latina Entrepreneur Resiliency Fund

Pepitos Paletas is open business Saturday and Sunday

You can order a minimum of 10 paletas through their website.
They are committed to safety and have quarantined everyone
that is part of the production.
Our process eliminates any risk of contamination. 

Buy Pepitos Paletas, enjoy later

Things will get better soon, so we want to give you
the opportunity to order a Gift Card. 
You will be supporting Pepitos Paletas now and
they can make the delivery when your special event comes.


Contact for more details at

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