Dear Prospera Family,

I have some news to share that comes with a lot of mixed emotions, to say the least. As of August 10 I will be leaving Prospera. But I’m not going far. I have accepted an exciting new position with the Haas Leadership Initiatives as the Director of the Fair Work Leadership Fund.

As you can imagine, this is not an easy decision for me since Prospera has been a home for me for the last 5+ years. The good news is that I’m determined to discover new ways to stay connected with, and contribute to this amazing community well into the future.More than anything I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the ways that you have shown up for our Latina immigrant community during these very tumultuous times.

Needless to say, this promises to be an exciting new chapter for Prospera as my colleague and co-conspirator Claudia Arroyo takes the helm. Claudia and I have been working side by side since 2015 designing new programs that center Latina immigrant women in all aspects of Prospera. Together we have weathered many storms that come with much turmoil in the world. And together we have built an amazing team of staff, board and community leaders that are the heart and soul of Prospera.

I can’t imagine leaving the organization in better hands, hearts and minds. Claudia in particular has always inspired me to lead with love and passion and I am committed to taking this with me wherever I go. I’m so grateful that she has accepted to lead the team in this next phase of Prospera. 

In many ways this is a perfect time for a leadership transition. Prospera is just now culminating our 5 year strategic plan and, with Claudia’s leadership, will continue to grow into a new kind organization that is genuinely led by and for remarkable immigrant Latinas like Claudia. 

Con pasión y cariño,


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