“This is not charity; we own this Fund and we are building a stronger community with it. We can vote, we have a voice, and we can make decisions for ourselves. We may sometimes be left out of the economy at large, but this economy is completely ours!”

Daniella Preisler, Co-Founder of Colmenar Cooperative Consulting

Dani is part of theThe Latina Entrepreneur Resiliency Fund’s governance committee. This is the first time that Prospera has created a fund by and for our program participants that recognizes the tremendous challenges they are facing and is governed by the women themselves. In this short video, Dani shares what it has meant for her and her peers to be involved in the Fund and the story behind it.

Help Prospera achieve our goal of raising $20,000 before December 31, 2020.

Every donation is an investment in Latina immigrant entrepreneurs navigating through these challenging times.

The Latina Entrepreneur Resiliency Fund helps entrepreneurs cover the basic needs that have been compromised due to COVID-19, and adapt their businesses to this new era so that they can emerge from it stronger and wiser. 

We are resilient and we need each other. 

Donate, get your family and friends involved, or help spread the word. 
Every contribution counts and can make a huge impact on our community. 

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