What does PEC turning 4 years old mean to you?

For me, PEC turning 4 years means that there means a light of hope that WE CAN, that if we fight we can succeed. We have had ups and downs and the most recent was the pandemic, when many businesses had to close, we were able to seek help and resources to support the business and our employees, and although we took a strong blow, we were able to keep the lights on.

What have been your greatest challenges during these 4 years?

My biggest challenges were definitely growing a business during the pandemic, trying not to get discouraged, hoping it would pass. Another of my biggest challenges was finding the ideal workforce that complements our values.
And finally, I would say that it was understanding the business and understanding that I was not going to see a profit in the first years and that this was fine and normal in business.

What are we celebrating?

What I celebrate the most is that we survived the pandemic and not only survived but we were able to support our employees, and last but not least, since January the employees have vision and dental insurance and I, who have been the founder of this dream and business, also continue to develop and look for ways to continue impacting my community, now from the position of Entrepreneur Success Coordinator in Prospera, this also helps the business.

What have you learned as an entrepreneur during these 4 years?

I have learned that it is okay if I do not have all the answers, that not all work will always be excellent but each lesson we learn pushes us to improve, a positive and open attitude is the key! In addition to being very proactive and fighting for dreams, including resource search with allies, partners and even competition!

What has Prospera meant to you and your business? As a participant, as a fellow and as a networking

For me and my business, Prospera has been our light, it has taken me by the hand since I started – with the dream of starting a business, it has listened to me when I have felt frustrated, it has asked for help with me when he sees that I need it, Prospera is definitely part of this triumph and of these 4 years.

How do you envision the next few years?

I envision PEC growing even more, we want to end this 2021 with the sale of eco-friendly cleaning products, and have a sister company by 2023, we hope that during this growth we can support more employees with English classes or support to get their driver’s license.

And finally, are you going to celebrate it in a special way? How?

One of our most important values is personal care. So, we celebrated these 4 years with a day off, we went to get pedicures, we had a photo session and food at our favorite steakhouse. We bonded together by sharing stories about our personal lives, we shared laughter, we had karaoke in the car! It was such a beautiful experience and we hope to repeat it very soon!



As the year comes to close, the COVID-19 crisis is still in full swing and small business owners are fighting hard to adapt to the “new normal.”
We’ve entered a huge contest with FedEx.
If we win, we’ll be able to support our team and overcome the challenges we’ve faced this past year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
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