We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest Fellow, Celia Álvarez, co-founder of De Colores C. Consulting. Celia and her two co-owners are breaking free from the traditional ways of doing business, finding instead a path of collaboration and commitment that generates a  positive impact on themselves, their families, and their community. 

Originally from Guadalajara in Jalisco, México, Celia has lived in the Bay Area for 22 years. She is the mother of two children and she loves to hike in the mountains and is always looking for new places to explore. A music lover, a soundtrack accompanies her in everything she does. What she likes most about herself is her loyalty and sense of responsibility, while what she admires most in others are their tolerance and generosity. She is extremely proud of having been able to finish high school and graduate alongside her two children, one from high school and the other from middle school. She is very sociable and loves being that way because she can learn from others. She creates connections easily and her natural curiosity has opened many doors for her. If she could give advice to another woman it would be: love yourself! Be as compassionate as possible with yourself, not harsh.

Celia always sought to be the owner of her own time, which is how she decided to start her journey into the world of cooperatives. She put all her experience and skills toward fulfilling this dream. Now, she views having been chosen for the 2020-2022 Prospera Fellowship as “a golden opportunity” and is thrilled to be representing her business, receiving “access to the kinds of resources that any entrepreneur would love to have.” Celia believes that knowing you have someone in your corner to support you is invaluable and she plans to take full advantage of the Fellowship. With the support of Prospera, she knows she can reach a new level of development for herself as a leader and for her cooperative.

Enjoy the interview and the opportunity to get to know this powerful entrepreneur a little better!

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