Do you have a Donor-advised fund (DAF)?

Did you know that over $140 billion sits unused in DAFs and community foundations across the country?

The money from your DAF could double your impact
on the causes you believe in!

Join us for the #HalfMyDAF 2021 matching-grant challenge
and become a #HalfMyDAF Hero

 At Prospera, we firmly believe in cooperation and collective action, so when we heard about the #HalMyDAF initiative launched by David and Jennifer Risher where nonprofits and donors come together to create a positive impact, we knew it was a natural fit.

Right now, nonprofits like ours are working harder than ever to address the needs created by COVID and deeply entrenched systemic racial and economic inequality. Meanwhile, over $140 billion sits unused in Donor Advised Funds and community foundations across the country. The #HalfMyDAF challenge aims to put these charitable dollars to work now, how and where they’re needed most!

Anyone who commits to granting half the money from their DAF by September 30th and donates to Prospera give us the chance to get matching grants from $10,000 to $100,000. Grants will be given on May 15th and again on September 30th. The more people who nominate our organization, the better our chances of getting a matching grant.

We’d love you to consider supporting Prospera. A grant to Prospera from your donor-advised fund directly impacts Latina immigrant entrepreneurs building long-term wealth and well-being in their communities.

Will you nominate Prospera today?

Here’s what to do as a donor.

Check out the #HalfMyDAF challenge in the news.

Nonprofit colleges, check this out and engage donors in your cause!

Thank you for your support!



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