“The Prospera community has really opened a lot of doors for me, and I think through my participation in this community I found myself.  In the training (Explora) I said, “I belong here”, because I want to be my own boss, I have the dream of being someone in life. I don’t want to get stuck, and Prospera paved that way for me. Now I feel like a fulfilled woman. It really is my business, I am part of a business. It’s my money, it’s what we’re investing, what we’re doing, and it’s for a good cause”.
Lupita Vidals, Co-founder Producciones Arcoiris

Partner with Prospera to help us reach our goal of
$30,000 before December 31st
and support the dreams of latina entrepreneurs! 
Whether it’s $500, $100, $50, or $10, every contribution counts
and can make a huge impact on our community.

Dreams like those of Lupita and many more;
resilient, brave, hard working women who fight every day in solidarity
so that their cooperatives and/or businesses can continue to move forward,
and as a result transform their lives and the lives of their community.

Your contribution is vital in making these dreams possible.
All donations will go directly to Latina immigrant entrepreneurs, facilitating their access to the tools, skills, networks and capital needed for business establishment, expansion and pandemic adaptation. 

Please, get your family and friends involved, or help spread the word.

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