“I am grateful for the opportunity to connect my story with that of many other women who, like me, raise their voices, claiming a space to crystallize dreams and co-create what we deserve. Behind my title there is a whole story. What is yours?”

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“When I found Prospera, my life took a big turn. I found a community that believes in me and helps me to overcome my fears and grow personally and professionally – just like we do with the participants in Prospera’s programs”.

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“Despite having grown up in Latin American culture, where cooperating is part of daily life, it was just a few years ago that I discovered the cooperative world… at Prospera I am able to set an example each day and practice what I have learned through my experience.”

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“I am Mexican, mother, entrepreneur, migrant, I identifies myself as a woman who, learning from feminism, seeks my own liberation and that of all women, which is why my life and values go hand in hand with what we do at Prospera.”

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“My values are reflected in Prospera’s values of holistic health for all, unlearning what harms us, popular education, and collective power.”

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“I fell in love with Prospera from the first moment, convinced that this organization lives the values ​​it professes, and that being there is not work for me, but a lifestyle.”

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“During my time at the cooperative, I made some of the most impactful connections and friends in my life. Prospera, for me, is networking for the support of women, hope, and radical change.”

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“As the daughter of two immigrants, I’m passionate about contributing to a community that fosters cooperation and supports one another, as I witnessed growing up. “

Read Ángela’s full bio here.

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