Querida Comunidad,

The hand of a clock does not stop moving and in a few days, we will come to the close of another cycle. We know that the end of the year can bring up many emotions and reflections, including those of what has been lived, learned, achieved, of challenges faced, etc. At Prospera, one of the dominant feelings we hold is that of deep gratitude, for an abundant and generous year. Looking back, we see all the joy that we have achieved together. Here are some of our achievements:

• We added new members to our Prospera Family! Welcome, Angela, Jami, and Elisa to our staff! Welcome Maria, Anne, Rosalba, Guadalupe, Anais, Idaima, and Itzel to our Board of Directors!

• We have grown and strengthened our Programs.

• We have expanded our outreach capacity with a community of 19 bilingual and bicultural consultants, who encourage the growth of our fabulous Latina Entrepreneurs in different areas!

• We continue to live our values of cooperation and Collective Power through various initiatives such as the Raising Our Voices Coalition where we made strategic alliances with our incredible sister organizations! Together for the first time, we organized a Virtual Market.

• We celebrated leadership and shined a light on powerful women’s stories through events like our Sixth Summit for Latina EntrepreneursInternational Women’s Day, and our “Para Todas” Podcast.

Today, we stop and reflect on what we have achieved in 2022 and our vision for 2023. Prospera projects the future with the conviction that we are not alone. Prospera stands strong with the companionship of the women in our programs, staff, board of directors, and all the supportive and determined friends that continue to work towards sustainable, solidary, and inclusive economies.

Recently, I was at the Museum of African American History in Washington DC and I was tremendously struck by a simple phrase, “Climbing and Lifting.” A set of actions that this individualistic society leaves aside. For me to be able to rise up, someone else paved the way and in return when I am climbing, I will pull someone else up to climb with me.

The 2023 mountain awaits and we know that climbing it together makes us stronger! We climb together while we encourage and cheer each other on!

With great excitement, we invite you to join the Dreams are Possible Campaign, a bridge between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023.

With your collaboration, we are positive we can reach our goal of 50K, for the benefit and continuity of our programs! Climb and cheer with us! Let us break individuality to cultivate our Collective Power!

Together we are unstoppable!

Claudia and the Prospera Family

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