Dear friends,

This past of April we celebrated our first in-person retreat with our new Prospera board of directors uniting vision with passion and love for a common project.

It was a day when many of the members of the board and the Prospera team met for the first time in person, after many Zoom meetings, and when the time came to give each other that much needed hug and continue sharing ideas and dreams. 

We had the opportunity to envision a Prospera without limits, in a safe space, where each voice is heard and integrated, where we allow ourselves to cry and laugh, and be ourselves completely. The board is made up of 8 incredible women (“chingonas” if you will allow us) with a lot of talent in their professional areas and magnificent human qualities.

We said goodbye to Nancy Rosales as her 4 year term has come to an end but we know she will never leave us. She is the best example of what we always say “Once a Prosperadora, always a Prosperadora.” Nancy has accompanied us not only as a member of the board but also as a fellow, entrepreneur, and participant of Prospera. 

We also celebrated the commitment of the past Board chairs: Alex Miranda and Ana Castaño, who continue to be a fundamental part of Prospera, Alex as a volunteer and star strategic advisor, and Ana Castaño, a new entrepreneur success coordinator at Prospera.

As part of the Leadership Team, we are extremely excited to be a part of this community and imagine all we can do together. For us, this Team is unstoppable! 


Claudia Arroyo, Claudia Delgado & Maite Gasco 

Here are some photos of the day.

We take this opportunity to thank all the people
who have been part of the Prospera board in past years,
since without them we would not be who we are now!

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