Imagine being an immigrant and being invited to appear
on the most watched morning TV show in the country…

This is exactly what happened to us about a month ago when Good Morning America – GMA3 –  contacted us to learn more about Prospera and Claudia Arroyo! 

Claudia, an immigrant woman, single mother, undocumented for 12 years, waitress, theatrical performer, backpacker, adoptee, artivist and now Executive Director of Prospera has been identified by this nationally covered program to shed light on the profound and incredible magic that happens when we are seen and heard and take ownership of our stories to transform our realities using entrepreneurship as a vehicle for personal, family and community transformation.

We are excited that our participation in this nationally televised program will contribute to placing Prospera’s mission at the national level to: 

  • Create respect, admiration and empathy for the efforts of Latina entrepreneurs who contribute to the prosperity of their families, communities and the country as a whole. 
  • Remember that Dreams are Possible with the contribution of each one of us. 
  • More and more people falling in love with Prospera’s mission to strengthen our programs and therefore the incubation with heart of hundreds of businesses led by incredible and inspiring Latina women. 

It is with great pride and joy that we share this news with you – the result of teamwork, a lot of inspiration, some nervousness and plenty of work behind the scenes. We hope you like it and help us share it!

Congratulations to the entire Prospera family, as this recognition is collective. A heartfelt thanks to the entrepreneurs, staff, board of directors, volunteers, funders, community partners, and others who have trusted in our vision. Thank you all for all your tireless work in making it possible for Prospera to be recognized by a national media. 

And special thanks to the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative team, Lee Woodruff, Maria Alvarez and the entire team of GMA3: What You Need to Know for guiding us in this adventure and making it possible! 

Together we are Unstoppable!

Claudia and Prospera’s Family 

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