At Prospera, we know that no matter what side of the border you are on, a mother’s grief is the same. With horror and outrage we have witnessed the violent attacks in Israel and Palestine, and we condemn any violence against civilians. As women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and community leaders, we grieve with all who have lost loved ones in the region, and we raise our voices to demand an end to the unfolding genocide that is being carried out against the people of Gaza.

In solidarity with our allies in Arab, Jewish, and other communities standing up for justice, we call for an immediate ceasefire and an end to US support of the Israeli occupation and war in Palestine. We recognize the crushing impact of ongoing expulsion, military occupation, privation of resources and violence on the Palestinian people. And we recognize that for centuries Jewish communities have suffered oppression, discrimination and painful expulsion from their homes as well as the horrors of mass torture and genocide. With tears in our eyes, we echo the commitment of our Jewish siblings fighting against the war: never again, FOR ANYONE.

The fight for justice and dignity in Palestine is the same as the fight for justice and dignity here and around the world. We encourage our community members to critically question what they see on the corporate news, educate themselves, hold their loved ones close and take action according to their values.  Below are some resources to help.

With fierce love,

The women of Prospera

Amnesty International – Israel’s Occupation: 50 years of disposession

United Nations – History of the Question of Palestine

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