For Jenny, Prospera and the Fellowship program became beacons of hope in trying times. The invaluable support, both emotional and economic, provided a lifeline that allowed her to navigate through the uncertain times of the COVID pandemic and emerge stronger. She learned that emotional well-being is a prerequisite for success, and the program’s consistent emotional support was indispensable.

The pandemic struck small businesses differently, and for Jenny, whose livelihood depended on in-person events and fairs, the standstill was scary. The opportunity to sell had inadvertently halted, with no end in sight. However, she decided to embrace change and began delving into platforms like TikTok, a place far beyond her comfort zone, and other social media and online platforms. This adaptation not only expanded her skill set but also opened new avenues for success.

Thanks to the Fellowship, she was able to dedicate herself fully to her project and keep her business afloat throughout the pandemic, a feat that might have been impossible without the support of Prospera.

When she applied for the Fellowship, she felt that her project had reached an advanced stage. However, she lacked clarity about the next steps, particularly the financial aspects. With the guidance and structure offered by Prospera’s technical assistance and coaching, she acquired the knowledge to scale her project sustainably.

Jenny is deeply committed to her community, especially the women within it. She encourages them to reach out and leverage the community and support provided by Prospera. She emphasizes that the burden is lighter when shared, whether seeking a listening ear or a shoulder to lean on.

Acknowledging that the entrepreneurial journey can be challenging and that success is far from linear, she reminds us of the importance of emotional intelligence and management, both of which are nurtured through Prospera’s toolkit and the supportive environment it offers.

Gratitude is the prevailing sentiment in her heart, emanating from the unwavering support and confidence she receives from Prospera and the funders that make this support possible. This assurance is vital in a world where small business owners often find themselves up against corporate giants, like fish in a sea of sharks. Belief and trust in their projects, even when insecurity creeps in, can make all the difference.

She dreams of leaving a legacy that proves the transformative power of support and learning. She believes that with the right resources, prosperity is attainable, and the journey is one of growth and progress, not just survival.

In the spirit of openness, she encourages her colleagues and community to express their needs and feelings, reminding them that they will be heard and helped. Her connection with Prospera runs deep, and she understands the profound impact of collective support.

The journey is far from easy; it demands continuous learning, unlearning, and resilience. However, with the support of a caring community, anything is possible, she reminds us. The power of being open about needs, challenging the stigma of vulnerability as weakness, and growing emotionally and intellectually is at the core of her transformation.

As she reflects on her journey, she takes pride in her bravery and strength to ask for help. She understands that self-care is the foundation for caring for others.

Jenny’s story is a beacon of hope, demonstrating that with the right support, perseverance, and emotional growth, anyone come out of this journey as a stronger, more confident entrepreneur and community member.

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