In this space, we celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit by highlighting the stories and businesses of two exceptional women. Read on to learn about the journey of these entrepreneurs and be part of their motivating journey.

Meet Ingrid Sanchez, a Latina entrepreneur offering a genuine perspective on the joys and challenges of parenting as a woman, mother, wife, daughter, and immigrant.

Ingrid embodies the spirit of resilience, known as “Berraca” in Colombia, where every obstacle is seen as an opportunity for growth. Her passion and determination led her to establish Niños Sanos, Seguros y Felices (Healthy, Safe, and Happy Children).

From a young age, Ingrid learned discipline through sports and took on financial responsibilities to support her family. The birth of her son ignited her journey as she sought to balance work and motherhood, eventually becoming a Parental Coach and Neuroscience specialist.

Through her own experiences as a mother, Ingrid developed the Ame-Aprender-Ser (Love-Learn-Be) methodology, focusing on integral education for children’s social and emotional development.

At Prospera we met Ingrid when she started at Explora, three years ago. Then she was selected for the Acompaña program, where she faced great challenges and kept going. As her mother used to say when complicated situations arose, “we have to rethink and look for solutions.” Ingrid rethought, looked for solutions and this year she starts as one of the new members of our Vuela (Fellowship) 2024-2026 program.

Ingrid tells us: “I am an entrepreneur, I am creating a positive impact by sharing knowledge and experience with other families, thus strengthening “the social and emotional fabric of the community.” We leave you with her information for you to explore her programs:

Pilar is a Colombian woman full of energy and creativity, and despite her aversion to cooking, she discovered her passion in baking 9 years ago. However, her life took an unexpected turn when she discovered she had a gluten allergy. Instead of being overcome by dietary limitations, she decided to turn her challenge into an entrepreneurial opportunity.

With determination, Pilar began experimenting with the recipe for traditional Colombian breads, adapting them to be gluten-free. Armed with a mix of alternative flours, she managed to recreate the authentic flavors of her homeland without compromising quality or taste. Thus, The Choclo was born.

Soon, her kitchen became a laboratory of innovation; not only did she share her creations with friends and family, but she also began selling her flour blends through local markets. The response was overwhelming: people with food intolerances similar to hers were desperately seeking gluten-free alternatives that didn’t compromise the taste or texture of traditional dishes, and as she baked bread at

home the opportunities increased. The tantalizing aroma and deliciousness of her homemade breads attracted neighbors and friends, who couldn’t resist taking a bite.

Pilar shared this with us just as she was selected as part of the Vuela program, a big step in her journey. “There are just three days left, and the butterflies in my stomach are jumping with excitement and nerves, knowing that in three days my traditional job will be history. I will be 100% employee and owner of my dream called, The Choclo. This would not have been possible without the support of Prospera and each of the participants who are part of it. You showed up at that moment when I didn’t know where to go. From then on, you never left me. Every time I felt lost, one of you would show up to pick me up and give me that ‘berraquera’ and strength that only you know how to give.”

Her story inspires others to turn challenges into opportunities and to never give up on their dreams, no matter the difficulties along the way. To learn more, visit:

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