On March 27th, in honor of International Women’s Month, Prospera’s incredible programs team organized a second annual event to celebrate the amazing women in our community and their stories, Mujer: Historia, voz y sueños (Woman: Stories, Voice, and Dreams). 77 eager participants came together for an evening brimming with connection, inspiration, laughter, and collaborative creation. The event took place in the beautiful Square space in Uptown Station in Oakland, CA. 

The event welcomed participants and invited them to network with other entrepreneurial spirits like themselves and quickly, the room was buzzing with conversation, laughter, and warm “nice to see you”’s or “nice to meet you”’s. 

Our Executive Director, Claudia Arroyo, and Entrepreneur Success Coordinator, Tania Figueroa, took the stage to welcome participants and invite them to try one of five activities set up around the room for them. Attendees had the chance to join in a meditative activity, try their hands at crocheting or knitting, take part in creating a community masterpiece with art supplies, write and recite poetry, or get their hands a little dirty with some clay. 

As the room buzzed with creative energy, women forged connections through their shared artistic endeavors, each creation a testament to their unique stories and inspirations.

As the time for art dwindled down, the participants made their way to a large discussion circle, where they shared their experiences with the activities and connected them to their stories. Participants shared memories of crocheting with their mothers and/or grandmothers, expressing themselves through poetry in ways they had not been able to before, and playing with clay for the first time. Participants were able to celebrate their communal art piece, a large painting they had all been working on throughout the event. The painting was a vibrant tapestry of color depicting themes of nature, human connection, love, and hope—a tangible representation of the collective spirit.

As the event came to a close, Prospera had one more surprise in store for the participants and invited them to participate in group karaoke. Participants, volunteers, and staff alike got up to sing and dance along to their favorite songs with their community members, old and new. 

We are so grateful to our participants for creating magic with us and breathing life into their stories through artistry. We invite you to join our next event, Cumbre, in the fall, which will surely feature many more opportunities to create and connect. 

Check out our video recap of the event and share in the magic!

We would like to thank Square for hosting us in their facilities and all the volunteers who supported us to make this event a reality. 

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