Going for a walk? Having a hot drink and looking for something to listen to and relax? Have some time in the car? All of these are the perfect moments to listen to this thoughtful conversation centered on breaking cycles of privilege, creating collective power, and building generational wealth while uplifting entire communities along the way. 

We invite you to listen to the Podcast from Lemonada Media “From Charity to Solidarity.” Hoja Lopez chats with Ruby Bolaria Shifrin, Head of Community at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and Claudia Arroyo, Executive Director of Prospera. In this podcast, they discuss the value of supporting Latinx entrepreneurs and putting female-owned businesses at the forefront of their local economies.

Check out some powerful quotes from their conversation: 

Ruby, CZI: “What does success look like to you? Let’s share that version of success, your success is my success, and my success is your success. It’s a lot more powerful to hear from communities; what do you need? How could we help to get there? What will that help you do? I think that the best way we can do it is by more engagement and interaction with our partners [and communities] so that they can tell us what’s working and what’s not and guess what? They’re not going to be honest about what’s not working if we’re not building those relationships and having kind of transparent discussions about what success looks like.”

Claudia Arroyo, Prospera: “It’s so important that we define impact together and it’s something that is happening now in philanthropy and we really need to work together, and when I say work together, it is not only the nonprofit and the foundation, the community should be sitting at the table to define impact because otherwise we are just repeating cycles of privilege and in order to break power and privilege relationships, [the community] needs to sit at the table”. 

Listen to these reflections and more on the relationship between nonprofits and funders, creating meaningful relationships, and how to change traditional philanthropy in the full episode. 


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