Don’t Let Go…Speak Your Truth! By Claudia Arroyo

Dear Prospera Family, Today we are taking a pause in our day to day lives to acknowledge the deep pain we are experiencing as a community of Latina immigrant women in this country. There is death, there is pain, there is grief in our community! The treatment of immigrants in this country is intolerable and we refuse to stay silent and carry on as if nothing is happening.  Let us take a pause, stop, talk, yell, connect, march, do what we…

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For the Common Good!

For the Common Good!By Alex Miranda, Board Chair  My experience at Prospera has been incredibly enriching. As the Chair of the Board I have learned to connect different ideas from people and communities with diverse life experiences for a common good: our Latinx community. I have explored my own humility knowing that some of us are born with privileges, or we have easy access to certain privileges, more than others, without attributing these privileges to our capacity.     Life takes us on different paths…

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