Camila Villa

HR & Operations Coordinator

Camila joined the Prospera team in May 2024 as HR & Operations Coordinator. With extensive experience in the social sector and government sector in her native Colombia, Camila brings to the team a passion for community work and social justice. In Colombia she worked in the reintegration process of demobilized people from armed groups, social marketing projects, and rural education. Camila studied Psychology at CES University in Medellin Colombia and completed her training with a Masters in Development Studies at the University of Sydney, Australia. Her extensive experience added to her studies and her passion for helping others adds to Prospera’s purpose and mission.

Being an immigrant is a challenging process. Finding a place like Prospera has allowed me to experience firsthand the effects and power of collectivism and cooperation. When women unite and live by these values our power is unstoppable. To be able to accompany other women on this path as immigrant women and add to their power is a wonderful experience.

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