Strategic Impact and Systems Manager

Estefanía Cardona B.
Strategic Impact and Systems Manager

Estefanía joined Prospera as our Strategic Impact and Systems Manager, bringing an extensive experience in Non-Profit development and a deep passion for building a just and equitable world. As a Latina immigrant having lived in several countries, she is wholehearted in disrupting the inequities faced by immigrant and underserved communities. Estefanía is motivated by and committed to supporting Prospera’s vision of creating an ecosystem of Latina-owned cooperatives and businesses. 

She leads Prospera’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) area, driving the organization’s systems and technology, and partnerships strategy. With a focus on developing and implementing Prospera’s expansion plan, Estefanía plays a crucial role in propelling the organization’s impact scale. 

Estefanía holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management and a postgraduate degree in Creative Intervention. She has spent the last ten years supporting Non-Profit organizations to advance their impact through collaborations, team leadership, fostering data-driven cultures, and driving growth and systems transformation. She started her professional career as an entrepreneur having owned two businesses in her home country, Colombia.

I am a creative, resilient, passionate, self-motivated, and proud Latina Immigrant, and I can’t say, that I would have described myself like that, 15 years ago when my immigration story started. 

My deep interest in multidisciplinary intersections and diversity in the fields of economic development, technology, and sustainability, led me to live in several countries. Working in different geographies and industries required me to overcome challenges and stereotypes, to be fast and precise at cultural adaptation, and at the execution of business processes in novel and ambiguous situations. These experiences have furthered my resiliency and built my character.  

Unlike many immigrants, it has been my decision to travel across different countries and I have had the privilege to get emotional support from relatives, friends, and mentors. I understand that this has given me the advantage of working as a professional in my career and the opportunity to see the world and face challenges with an analytical perspective. This has been one of my privileges, I have mostly traveled looking for self-realization, not only for self-preservation. 

In my journey as an immigrant, I have doubted myself and felt vulnerable and threatened. However, overcoming my fears has developed skills and resiliency that I want to put to use for the benefit of women that like me, have taken the decision, for one or the other reason, of pursuing a better and more dignified life.



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